URL is getting encoded when converting HTML into PDF using pdftron

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URL is getting encoded when converting HTML into PDF using pdftron.

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I am using PDFTron SDK for converting HTML URI into PDF.
My issue is when I am converting this HTML into PDF, the URL associated with anchor tag in the HTML is getting encoded. I am using HTML2PDF.Convert(PDFDoc doc, string url) for this purpose.
This URL is a presigned URL of a HTML file in AWS S3 bucket. After conversion this presigned URL is getting encoded while saving as PDF. My problem is when this presigned URL is encoded, it is no longer a valid presigned URL as some extra characters are getting added and when user clicks on those hyperlinks, it throws an error of invalid format. How can keep the URLs in my HTML intact while converting them into PDF using PDFTron sdk?

What happens if you open this HTML in Chrome, and select to Print and SaveAs/Print to PDF format (not using PDFNet SDK)?

Does the same thing happen?

If not, then you will need to provide us:
i) the minimal, reproducible, HTML
ii) screenshot clearly showing what you get, and what you expected to get.