Use SaveViewerOptimized to save to a stream/buffer instead of path in C# .net

Product: PDFTron.Net.64
Product Version: 9.4

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Is there any way to use SaveViewerOptimized to save to a stream/buffer using PDFTron SDK in .Net C# like the method used in node-js SaveViewerOptimizedBuffer? Or are there any workarounds to avoid using the filesystem? The SaveViewerOptimized() method only accepts a file path as output.

Hi Mihai,

Our documentation allows the SaveViewerOptimized to be used to save a to stream or buffer. Please view the documentation below as it describes both the use case for saving to a file path and saving to a buffer:

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@kmirsalehi Thanks. Can you give me a quick example of how to use it on a doc?
I forgot to mention I’m using .net 6.
I will add a sample code I’m testing on maybe there is something I missed.
I was thinking that it works the same way as the Save method returning a byte[].
Ex: byte[] saveBuf = doc.Save(SDFDoc.SaveOptions.e_linearized);
But in the sample below I only have the void method accessible with 2 parameters : a path and ViewerOptimizedOptions but nothing that returns a byte[] when I try to invoke only with 1 argument the opts.

    using (PDFDoc doc = new PDFDoc(inputStream))
        var optimizerOptions = new ViewerOptimizedOptions();
        // A number from 0 (include all thumbnails) to 100
        // (include only the first thumbnail). The default value is 50.
        // The maximum allowed length for the thumbnail's height/width.
        // The default thumbnail size is 1024.

        byte[] buf = doc.SaveViewerOptimized(optimizerOptions);
        linearizedOutputStream = new MemoryStream(buf);

I found out that in the dotnetcore documentation, I’m using in .net 6, there isn’t option to save to a stream/buffer, only on the filesystem using SaveViewerOptimized().
Is there any other way to avoid using the filesystem? Or are there any plans to implement the option in the future? Thanks

Our 10.1 SDK release, expected mid-May, will contain new SaveViewerOptimized APIs for .NET5+ that will allow saving to a buffer.

You can register here to get notified when 10.1 is out and link to changelog (with new APIs).