Using ContentReplacer to fill-in or modify PDF template based on variable information


We need to replace fields / text areas in PDF like

[the story]



with text from a database.

This is similar to your ContentReplacer sample ( however it does not seem to allow spaces in field name.

In addition, can we replace a word with the new replacer if it is not in []?

Can we replace in a different enclosing character set like {} or ()?


Starting with V6.1 pdftron.PDF.ContentReplacer includes a new method SetMatchStrings() that can be used to match string that are surrounded by custom delimiters. So instead of [FIELD_ID ] you could use <<FIELD_ID>> etc. Also the field names can now include spaces, dashes, and underscore characters.

The relevant documentation is:

ContentReplacer.SetMatchStrings(string start_str, string end_str)

Change the delimiters from ‘[’ and ‘]’ to arbitary strings.

@param start_str - The starting delimiter string.

@param end_str - The ending delimiter string.


While empty strings are allowed as delimiters, a warning is displayed.

Otherwise there are no restrictions. For example, after SetMatchStrings("<<", “>>”),

AddString(“TITLE”, “Doctor”) will replace any text consisting of “<>” with
“Doctor”. Similarly, after SetMatchStrings(“Beginning…”, “…ending.”),
AddString(“TITLE”, “Doctor”) will replace “Beginning…TITLE…ending.” with “Doctor”.