Using Fish Eye Mode - Panoramic 360

PDF3D ReportGen and PDF3D.IO development SDK can be used to convert panoramic 360 formats to 3D PDF.

‘Fish Eye’ is an option which refers to a single square 1:1 aspect image created by a wide angle (“Fish-Eye”) lens, typically covering at least 180 degrees.

  1. Load the Panoramic_Profile.pdf3dsettings (found in Program Files\PDF3DReportGen\Samples\states) into ReportGen as a starting point.

Helpful hint - For Panoramic 360, your panoramic input file is not imported in Input/Output menu. this comes in step 4

  1. Set the output file PDF filename and path using the “Change” button on the Input/Output menu. Optionally, you may also set a template PDF to load.

  1. On the PDF 3D View menu, adjust the Panoramic 360 options,

    a) Minimum Pitch Angle = -10.0 (to allow slight downward tilt)
    b) Maximum Pitch Angle = 75.0 (to allow tilting up to ceiling view)
    c) Enable “Fish Eye” mode
    d) Set Image Field Of View approximately 215.0
    (180 - 360 range, based on actual camera lens used to take the picture)

  2. On Geospatial Tab, push Change on Geospatial Image, set filename and path for panoramic image file, JPEG or PNG.


  1. Optionally push Export State button along top menu, save your settings for a quick start next time, by using “Import State” to this file in a later session.


  1. Push CONVERT at top left to run actual PDF generation.