Using modules along with nuget PDFTron.NET.x64 package

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I was able to use the nuget package (using Visual Studio Code rather than Visual Studio) and extracted images from a PDF, but wanted to OCR the images and need to use an OCR module. All of your documentation says to download a module (like and extract to where you extracted the downloaded SDK, but it seems smelly to have to do that given you already have the SDK delivered in a nuget package. Why not have the modules in nuget as well?

Note also that your docs tell us to look for apryse.NET.x64 rather than PDFTron.NET.x64. Mismatch.

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More of a request than an issue

Thank you for letting us know that our guide mentions Apryse.NET.x64 instead of PDFTron.NET.x64 we will look to correct this soon.

Why not have the modules in nuget as well?

I believe mainly because they are quite large usually, and typically don’t get updated as often as the SDK itself.

Could you elaborate on how not having the Modules in Nuget affects you?

Once you start working with such packages, it becomes “normal.” I don’t really recall any other package I download anymore, everything I use is through a package manager like nuget. The IRISOCRModuleWindows.ZIP file extracts to 227Mb, so yeah it’s big, but’s limit is 250Mb, so it would still be viable. In a package I would not expect the samples folder, either.

It’s not a huge issue by any means, it just has a feel too it that its not as smooth as simply adding a package.

Thank you for the clarification. I have passed this request onto the team for future consideration.