Using .NET Side-by-Side assemblies to load the x64 or x32 version of PDFNet.DLL

Q: We have two versions of a managed assembly, one for x86 and one for x64 that are using PDFNet. Previously we were using 32-bit PDFNet in x86 mode, but now we would like dynamically pick a DLL based on the target architecture.

This new assembly is called by a .Net application complied for AnyCPU. We are deploying our code via a file copy install, and would like to continue to do so.

Is it possible to use a Side-by-Side assembly manifest to loading a x86 or x64 assembly respectively when an application is dynamically selecting it’s processor architecture? Or is there another way to get this done in a file copy deployment (e.g. not using the GAC)?

A: Yes, this is possible and a potential solution is described here: