Using PDFNet C/C++ with Qt or wxWidgets or Windows/Linux/Mac

Q: I have to use the Qt-library (v4.4) from the Trolltech company, so
the rendering is based on Qt and not Win/Unix API. The Trolltech
does't support
third party format drawing, PDF too.

At the moment I will try to convert PDF to BMP/PNG for rendering, but
it is not optimal.
Do you have better ideas?
A: You can use PDFNet together with Qt-library or any other
application framework on Windows, Linux, or Mac. If you take a peek at
PDFView class you will notice that it does not contain anything
Windows specific. Basically you would need to implement 2 callback
methods (BeginRendering & FinishRendering) which should send repaint
messages to your PDF window/view. The window/view should then copy the
bitmap (pdfview.GetBuffer()) to screen device context in its OnDraw/
OnPaint/WM_PAINT handler.

As a starting point for your project you may want to take a look at
PDFView MFC sample (
- and in particular PDFViewView.cpp). Once you understand the
mechanism used to repaint the view you should be able to use PDFView
in Qt, wxWidgets, or any other application framework.