Using PDFNet SDK for PHP on Windows

Q: I'm evaluating PDFTron for use with an application I'm building for
a client. I'm interested in testing the ElementBuilder functionality
(to build, stamp, and edti PDF from PHP). But when I run the PHP
example on my local Windows machine, I receive an error. Fatal error:
Call to undefined function PDFNet_Initialize() in C:\wamp\bin\PDFNetC
\Lib\PDFNetPHP.php on line 15608

This is a Windows 7 machine running WAMP although our production
machine will be a Linux installation.

Any ideas that could help me determining the source of this error so I
can continue evaluating?

How did you run PHP example on Windows? I assume that you copied
PDFNetPHP.php and samples from Linux since at this very moment PHP is
not officialy supported on Windows :slight_smile: .

You can download an unofficial pre-release Windows version of PDFNet
for PHP using the following link:

This set of libraries are tested with the PHP 5.3.6 thread safe

The php_PDFNetPHP.dll (from PDFNet/Lib folder) can be loaded like any
other PHP extension by placing it in the ext folder of the PHP install
directory, and adding the line "extension=php_PDFNetPHP.dll" to

The PDFNetC.dll should be placed in the Windows/System32 or any other
folder that can be accessed by php_PDFNetPHP.dll. Please let us know
how this works for you.

Below are the steps I used to get PDFNet for PHP working on Abyss Web
Sever X1 on Windows XP:

1) Install VC 10 runtime (in not present on the machine). You can
obtain it from the following link:

2) Installed Abyss Web Sever X1.

3) Installed the preconfigured Abyss PHP 5 package for Windows from

4) Followed instructions on
to configure Abyss with PHP.

5) Donwloaded PDFNet SDK with PHP extension from:

6) Copied PDFNetC/Lib and PDFNetC/Samples folder to the htdocs folder
in your Abyss install directory (eg. C:\Program Files\Abyss Web Server

7) Modified php.ini file in Abyss PHP 5 installation directory to add
"extension=php_PDFNetPHP.dll" (eg. C:\Program Files\PHP5\php.ini)

8) Copied php_PDFNetPHP.dll to the PHP5 installation directory, and
PDFNetC.dll to C:\WINDOWS\system32.

9) Restart the server

10) Navigate to the StamperTest in the web browser (eg.

The web browser should print "Done." at this point. You should find
the output files in the Samples/TestFiles/Output folder (eg.

Q: I am trying to make this work using Apache and not having much luck.

I have copied PDFNetC.dll l to the windows/system32 folder.

I have copied the php_PDFNet.dl to the PHP install folder (c:\program files\php\ext)

I have added “extension=php_PDFNet.dll” to the php.ini file

I have restarted the server

When Apache tries to start I get the following error:

PHP Startup

Unable to load dynamic link library c:\program files\php\ext\php_PDFNet.dll - Specified module not found.

Do you have any ideas of what could possibly be wrong? The file is in the path specified

A: With some Apache servers the problem is that it uses older VC6 distribution of PHP instead of VC9.

In this case you would need to reference and use ‘php_PDFNetVC6.dll’ instead of ‘php_PDFNet.dll’.

I used steps from here,

for linux system and php 5.6. When i am running ./, i am getting error as bellow
PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function PDFNet_Initialize()

Any idea . . ? how i can solve this.