Using PDFNet SDK in a 2.0 web forms project

I am using 2.0 web forms and I need a tool that loads a pdf
file and allows me to manipulate the pages etc. Can PDFNet SDK work in
web forms and do you have any examples in c#

Yes, you can use PDFNet SDK ( using 2.0 web
forms. When downloading the demo ( make
sure to select 'PDFNet for .NET'. This SDK includes many examples in C#

You can use any of the sample code (except for PDFView) in web forms

To use PDFNet in a web forms application:

- Add a reference to PDFNet11.DLL
- Initialize PDFNet and set the resource path when your assembly loads
(see and
- Open PDFs, copy & paste sample code from existing PDFNet sample
project, etc.

Depending on how your server is configured, you may also need to copy
'PDFNet11.DLL' to Windows 'System' folder and as well as to grant
read/write permissions to 'System' folder or to Windows registry. This
is usually only the issue when the demo is run on production machines
(which is not supported).