Using PDFNet SDK on 64-bit platfroms.

Q: I'm trying to build and run the C# samples (
downloads/ I'm using Visual Studio
2008 on vista 64 bit. I've built the projects, created my own
projects, and the builds seem to be successful. However, when I go to
execute the .exe I get an exception that this isn't a valid win32
program (image).

I'm assuming the unmanged code (dll), or assembly, (PDFNet.dll) that
I'm using as a reference for the PDFTron functionality isn't correct
or is corrupt in someway. Any ideas?
A: The problem is that you are trying to run a 32-bit DLL in 64-bit
In case you would like to run the same DLL on both 32-bit and 64-bit
machines you can select the application to run in 64-bit WOW mode
(which can be selected in Visual Studio project settings).

Alternatively you may want to use a 64-bit version of PDFNet (for .NET
-; for C/C++/JAVA - or deploy a platfrom
specific DLL as part of your application installer.