Using PDFNet SDK on Linux (with GCC3)

Q: I am trying the demo and can't get the samples to compile using gcc
3.4.5 it seems to want to use the gcc4 lib. the windows demo compiles
and works but i need to run it for real on linux

If you would like to use PDFNet with GCC 3.x on Linux, then you need to
download PDFNet SDK for Linux
( and you need to
link against 'PDFNetRelease_gcc3.a' instead of 'PDFNetRelease_gcc4.a'.
If you are using boost build, than you only need to edit the 'jamfile'
under Lib folder.

To compile PDFNet straight from the command-line (without using bust
build or make) you can use the following.

Assuming you are using GCC 4:
gcc -I /PDFNetDemo/Headers/ -L /PDFNetDemo/Lib /usr/lib/ EditText.cpp
-lPDFNetRelease_gcc4 -lpthread

Assuming you are using GCC 3:
gcc -I /PDFNetDemo/Headers/ -L /PDFNetDemo/Lib /usr/lib/ EditText.cpp
-lPDFNetRelease_gcc3 -lpthread

For a small quick tutorial on GCC command line syntax, please see