Using PDFNet SDK to fill out PDF forms on iOS


I am looking to use PDFNet on iOS to fill out PDF forms. However, we’ve faced few technical issues that are not allowing us to use it in production:

We’ve tried PDFViewCtrl sample provided with iOS SDK and found a problem
when the application quits without any notice after certain sequence of
actions. Here are the steps to reproduce the problem:
A. Open PDFViewCtrl Application
B. Open Grant Application.pdf form and fill-in couple text fields and
radio boxes
C. Press Save. It will tell that the file must be stored in doc storage,
so we press OK
D. Then we try to Open another document, lets say Genetic_Programming.pdf

Problem 1: After the step D, - whole application quits (this is a real
blocking problem for us!)

Problem 2: There is no option in UI to open documents from locations other
than app bundle


  1. The crash is happening when the document is closed but is still being edited. You can fix this by switching back to the pan tool before closing the document and before saving it (if you want the current edit to be saved). (The online demo will be changed to do this.) To check if the form is being edited and switch back to the pan tool it so, use code along the lines of the following:

if( ![[pdfViewCtrl tool] isMemberOfClass:[PanTool class]] ) {
[pdfViewCtrl setTool:[[PanTool alloc] initWithPDFViewCtrl:pdfViewCtrl]];


  1. The drop down menu will show any files you have added via iTunes file sharing (as well as those included in the app bundle). You can see this in the source code in RootViewController.m, selector - (void)tableView:(UITableView *)tableView didSelectRowAtIndexPath:(NSIndexPath *)indexPath.