Using PDFTron PDFNet in WPF

Q: Our developers are charmed with your SDK. Must say it's really the
best on the market.
We see that you have SDK for Silverlight. Our programs are based on
Therefore, we'd like to ask whether you have WPF Control to view PDF

A: Since PDFViewCtrl is a regular WinForm control, it can be
integrated into WPF projects (you may want to search for "WinForms and
WPF integration" on the web).

We are also planning to release WPF specific version of PDFViewCtrl in
the near future and given that the interface will be very similar (or
identical) it will be very simple to switch from the existing WinForms

On a possibly relevant note as part of PDFNet Convert Add-on you can
use (pdftron.PDF.Covert.ToXps() or pdftron.PDF.Covert.ToSilverlight())
which can be used to convert PDF documents to WPF FixedDocument. This
way you could use WPF controls (e.g. FixedDocumentViewer etc) to view
existing PDF document. Another relevant technology is SilverDox
( which is designed for Silverlight,
but can also be used in the context of WPF applications.