Using PDFTron SDK in ASP.Net

Q: I want to use PDFNet SDK in my ASP .Net application.

I want to know does your support all of the features for ASP .net as i
have seen the sample codes but they are for winforms.

PDFNet is fully compatible with ASP.NET.

As a starting point:

a) Download the appropriate version of PDFNet for .NET (for the .NET
version that you are targeting and the platform):

b) Add a reference to PDFNet.DLL in your project solution.

c) Copy & paste some of the sample code (e.g. from existing console
samples; and tweak it
to match your requirements.

The only sample/class that may not be relevant to ASP.NET (or server-
side applications in general) is PDFViewCtrl (as shown in PDFView &
PDFViewSimple project).