Using WebFonts for PDF to HTML output


Can i use webfonts in my converted epubs?
I mean when i convert to EPUB, my EPUB should have the webfonts references in place of synthesized, sub-setteded fonts.


You can certainly convert the fonts to another format, such as WOFF, and simply modify the FontSrc.css file.

For example:

The main issue, is that our fonts are carefully crafted to work across different browsers on different platforms. For example Chrome on Windows will read the same font file differently then Chrome for Mac. When converting the font, such as using FontSquirrel, this information needs to be preserved, otherwise the placement of the glyphs on screen will be off.

I did a simple test just now, converting an otf to woff using FontSquirrel, and it looked fine. Though I had to use the Expert mode and disable options such as “Fix Vertical Metrices”.

All our output, HTML, CSS, and OTF fonts, are all carefully crafted to appear correctly on as many different viewers as possible. From FireFox on Linux, Internet Explorer on Windows, to iBooks on an iPad.