[UWP] FlowDirection strange display


I’m using PDFNet for Windows 10 app, version PDFNetWindows10UniversalApps_6.5.3.42683

When I change the FlowDirection of PDFViewCtrl, it’s work as expected, but leave a strang display in PDFViewCtrlPagePresentationMode.e_facing_cover mode (see the picture below)

I think the PDFs are aligned with wrong properties.


It would be best if you clarified why you want to change the FlowDirection, as there may be another way to accomplish what you are trying to do.

Some magazine required to read Right to left (eg: Japanese), that’s why I have to change the FlowDirection

Right to left support is already planned and will be available in the next official release, though there is not yet a schedule for that release.

Is this something important for your customers, or are you just investigating right to left support?

If it is important for your customers, do you have a particular deadline you need this by?

Also, are you just concerned about the viewing of the pages, or do you need all the tools such as text selection, and annotation tools?

Yes, it is important, I need it ASAP. Just viewing the pages.
For now, I don’t need all the tools come along, the can be the same as default Left To Right flow direction.


I directly sent you a download for a patched version of PDFNet with improved FlowDirection.

Not all of the tools were updated for this version, that will be available in an upcoming release, but you indicated that this was not important.