Verify digital signature in iOS with OpenSSL?


Looking at the OpenSSL example for Objective C I have managed to digitally sign a PDF using OpenSSL in iOS. What I am not clear on is exactly how I would go about validating this signature at a later date within the app. I have located the signature field in the document, and loaded the field’s value PTObj but I am unsure what to do from here. Does anyone have a working example of validating the signature using open ssl from obj-C?

Hi, we do not currently provide any means for validation, mainly because there are different ways to go about this. For example loading the OS Certificates and verifying the one in the PDF against these.

This forum post is a good place to start.!searchin/pdfnet-sdk/validate/pdfnet-sdk/8YCYDYoNXsY/x9i1NKtupFAJ