Viewing PDF, Office in the browser.

Q: I have a requirement to convert documents (PDF, office, etc...)
into some sort of HTML based viewer. I'm wondering how much your
products can help.

A: PDFTron offers several products that may help you to view documents
in a browser.

- SilverDox ( is a Silverlight
document viewer component that enables Silverlight applications with
flawless and efficient viewing of PDF, XPS, MS Office, and other
document formats. For
online samples you may want to take a look at:

- PDFNet SDK ( can be used on the server
side to convert PDF, MS Office and other formats to image (e.g. PNG or
JPEG) that can be used in some type of AJAX control. Some of our
clients are also using PDFNet for dynamic conversion to Flash instead
of AJAX.

- In case your target browsers support SVG (e.g. new versions of
Chrome, Safari, IE9, etc.) you could use PDF2SVG (http:// to convert from PDF (and other
formats) to SVG which can be referenced from HTML pages.