Viewing PDFs stored in a memory buffer


Can PDFNet SDK be used to:

- load a PDF file into the viewer directly from memory (out of a SQL
- display this PDF file (without saving the file on the disk) in a PDF
Viewer in my application.

The reason is that we are using protected documents and they are not
supposed to be saved on client computers (not even encrypted) and
printing should be disabled as well.

Your PDF viewer works very nice, but I can't get the document loaded
from the memory buffer

Using PDFNet SDK you can also load PDF document from a memory buffer
(i.e. the PDF documents don't need to be stored on disk). This is
illustrated in PDFDocMemory sample project - (

A PDF document can be also loaded from a Filter (using
pdftron.PDF.PDFDoc constructor that takes pdftron.Filters.Filter as a
parameter). However, because PDF documents require random access, it
is usually much simpler (and more efficient) to load all PDF data in a
memory buffer instead of streaming the data.

You are also free to customize PDFView sample code so that your users
can't save or print the document.