Virtual printer installation


Should we use the PDFNet SDK API to install the virtual printer, or use the installer executable?


We recommend the executable. The reasons being:

  1. Our virtual printer just needs to be installed once on the computer, like any other (virtual or not) printer.
  2. The printer bitness has to match the OS.

So by using the executable to install, you avoid having to write installation code, just perhaps code to double check that it is installed, but also decouples your application bitness from the OS, since on a 64bit OS you have to install the 64bit virtual printer, but you cannot do that if PDFNet SDK is loaded in your 32bit application.

The installers are available here:

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Thanks Ryan for this post it solved the issue of trying to install the printer via code. Would be really helpful to anyone facing the same issue if this was added to the documentation.