Want to add '.png' image in signature field


I am adding signature field from UI under ‘form’ tab like below:

but I don’t want to open signature widget on click of ‘sign here’ element.
I want to load a ‘.png’ signature image from my database.

I am adding signature field from UI but want to add ‘.png’ signature image through JavaScript code, not from UI.

Is there a way to load any images in the signature widget through javascript code.

Thanks in advance,
Rahul Y


I have implemented above code and signature ‘png’ is showing in the signature widget.

But I am getting another issue with this code (Earlier It was working )


After added signature I was applying digital certificate(through .pfx file) of the above field like below code.

const foundApprovalField = await doc.getField(signFieldName[0]);

const approvalSigField = await PDFNet.DigitalSignatureField.createFromField(foundApprovalField);

await approvalSigField.signOnNextSaveFromURL(“.pfxfile”, ‘password’);

await approvalSigField.setLocation(‘Vancouver, BC’);

await approvalSigField.setReason(‘Document certification.’);

await approvalSigField.setContactInfo('www.google.com’);

After applying above my signature is converting into text ‘Draft’ image like below :


My signature image should not be changed. It should be same as pervious signature image.


Rahul Y