Web Viewer/Editor PDF Rotation: Is there an alternative rotation method for smaller increments?

Product: PDFTron Web Viewer / Editor

Product Version: 8.6.0


I am testing your Web Viewer/Editor to see if it will meet our company’s needs, and one of the requirements is the ability to rotate a document so that an improperly scanned or misaligned PDF can be adjusted/fixed. I see that there is an option to rotate a document in intervals of 90 degrees, but is there an option to rotate in smaller increments?
Something like a de-skew may also work, but might be a little more complex than what would be required here. De-skew seems to be hit-or-miss also, as it doesn’t always produce the desired result.


Hello @jsilva

The Rotation property for pages is something that is specified by the PDF specification, which delineates it as follows:

Therefore, the API only supports rotations in intervals of 90 degrees to ensure cross-compatibility with other viewers.

Currently the SDK does not have support for de-skew. I did find another post that may offer some help in terms of optimizing your scans:

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Armando Bollain
Software Developer
PDFTron Systems, Inc.