WebViewer 3.0.1 Release

PDFNetJS Updates

  • Added Document.getOfficeResources to get the resources used by a given page in an office document
  • Fix issue where the PDF worker would be unnecessarily loaded when loading an office file
  • Fix issue with error handling where some errors could be misreported as license errors
    WebViewer HTML5 Updates
  • Added Tools.Tool.ENABLE_AUTO_SWITCH to disable automatic switching of the pan and text select tools
  • Fixed issue where WebViewer.js would warn about certain options not being valid even though they actually were
  • Fixed issue in FreeText annotations with auto font size and a large height the initial font size would be very large
  • Fixed issue with potential rerendering of pages when the cache size is small
  • Fixed issue where the “Current Page” print option wasn’t localizable
  • Fixed issue where checkboxes and radio buttons weren’t visible in the latest Firefox version
  • Fixed issue with the annotation edit tool where the annotation canvas could be incorrectly translated when in viewport rendering mode
  • Fixed issue where search could fail on some older XOD files