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I am following this guide

to implement WebViewer collaboration tools. I already have a WebViewer v8.5 up and running in my project, built on js.

I have followed the guide exactly and everything works up until here:

I am having trouble referencing the following code into my webviewer-init.js code:
import { CollabClient } from ‘@pdftron/collab-client’

I am getting a 403 Forbidden error.

Please help!

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Failed to resolve module specifier “@pdftron/collab-client”.

Hi DanteDee,

Seems like the error was caused by the @pdftron/collab-client package using ES6, and you probably don’t have Webpack or something similar to handle ES6 modules properly. This StackOverflow post might be helpful: javascript - importing a package in ES6: "Failed to resolve module specifier "vue"" - Stack Overflow Please also make sure you setup WebViewer with this guide: PDFTron Systems Inc. | Documentation before you start working on the collab client.

Best Regards,

Jimmy Lin

Software Developer

PDFTron Systems, Inc.


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