WebViewer does not display initial image on signed PDF

Product: @pdftron/webviewer

Product Version: 10.2/10.3

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WebViewer does not display initial image on signed PDF

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I signed a PDF : signedpdf.pdf - Google Drive
As you can see fields :

  • ImageContractant1#1
  • ImageContractant1#2
  • ImageContractant2#1
  • ImageContractant1#2

There are visible on Adobe Reader, but not with your WebViewer
Is that a bug ?

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Thanks for reporting this issue!

It seems like the signatures were signed with an appearance that isn’t being shown for some reason. We will have to take a deeper look at the contents. In the meanwhile, could you share how this document or perhaps the signatures were generated?

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Sorry for the delay as we were quite tied up recently!

From what it looks like, those fields are digitally signed with an appearance. The appearance is being drawn, but it is underneath the widget since appearances are drawn with annotations, and widgets are always above annotations. That being said though, if the appearance and signature widget are associated (as a signature), then the widget should be hidden, allowing the appearance to be shown. However, they are not, which is why the widget is covering the appearance.

I have submitted this to our product managers to review and will have to get back to you on a resolution.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

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Thank you.
Let me know the evolution of this anomaly.
Lot of our customer ask us for that.

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We examined the document and discussed this internally with our Core team. It would appear that the document can be considered corrupt or out of specification.

The signature fields on page 1 and 2 appear to use the appearance of another widget as the signature for the field. This is not the normal behavior and the behavior as specified by the PDF specification. This is why all other compliant viewers outside of Acrobat don’t render the signatures. Adobe seems to be doing something out of the specification to work around this.

Would you mind sharing how you are generating these documents as they seem to be doing something very strange.

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