Webviewer hangs on Load

Good Morning,

I have an issue where I am trying to open a document on our server for testing, and the webviewer just hangs on the loading bar and never loads the document.

Auto Generated Inline Image 1.png

When loading a document it appears that it gets stuck at this infinite loop in the javascript:
Auto Generated Inline Image 2.png

I believe this is probably a system of a different error, but have been unable to identify it.

We are using IIS 10 with React, and everything else works fine on my local machine.

build versions:

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We currently do not have a license because it is with the purchasing team.

Do you know what would cause this issue?


Hi Matt,

It appears that you have identified the issue as a publishing issue in your support ticket. Just a quick reminder that you can set the path to the lib folder in the WebViewer constructor to where it is actually deployed to. If it is to another server or origin, you may have to add CORS headers to avoid cross-origin issues.

Andy Huang
Software Developer
PDFTron Systems Inc.