WebViewer Server 1.5.6 Released

WebViewer Server v1.5.6 (April 20 2021)

Main changes are:

  • PDFTron core update to 9.0
  • TRN_ENABLE_AUTH_SESSION no longer relies on cookies and now instead uses a query parameter, thisshould prevent problems stemming from third party cookies. This updated scheme requires the latest WebViewer update.
  • Added error handling to prevent leftover temporary files
  • Fixed remote execution vulnerability through uploading of bad formats
  • Removed old .jsp APIs
  • Fixed issue with EML file paths preventing conversion when a blob is uploaded
  • [Windows] Updated LibreOffice and moved away from the portable scheme in exchange using a normal installer.
  • Improved font support

See the WebViewer guides here:

The new version can be updated through our compose file:

Or By pulling the DockerHub image:
docker pull pdftron/webviewer-server:latest
docker pull pdftron/wv-loadbalancer:latest

Or through the Windows standalone installer

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