WebViewer Server 1.5.7 Released

WebViewer Server 1.5.7

The main changes for this version are the following:

  • PDFTron core update to 9.1
  • Added all advanced imaging formats to WebViewer Server (dcm, tiff, cut, cur, arw, aai, dcr, psd, gif, heic, heif, cals, dds, crw, jng, flif, mat, mtv, nef, orf, pfm, pix, raf)
  • Added .pub (Microsoft Publisher) formats
  • Encrypted PDFs are now supported, requires WebViewer 8.1
  • Added ability to set document locale in WebViewer Server
  • Added .msg (Outlook Email) support on Windows and fixed some existing issues with conversion on Linux
  • Corrected issues with .eml conversion on Windows
  • Added AWS/S3 error reporting
  • Added life check
  • Added the GetSupportedFormats API
  • Added format control to WebViewer Server to prevent erroneous file format exploits
  • Fixed issue that could cause random crashes when converting at scale.
  • Security fixes, stability fixes and general document rendering improvements

To see all of what’s new, please visit the following link:
1.5.7 Change Log

See the WebViewer Server guides here:
WVS Deployment Guide

You can also visit our DockerHub repository directly:
WV Loadbalancer DockerHub
WebViewer Server DockerHub

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