WebViewer Server 2.1.1 Released

WebViewer Server 2.1.1

The main changes for this version are the following:

  • Updated Tomcat to 10.1.5
  • Updated core libraries to 9.5
  • Added support for all available msoffice convert options passed through WebViewer to WebViewer Server
  • Updated Docker Node to version 18
  • Fixed issue where key licensing could cause a crash in high stress environments
  • Fix for incorrect filenames when documents are directly uploaded to the server
  • Fix issues with improper character replacement on paths in networked drives

To see all of what’s new, please visit the following link:
[2.1.1 Change Log ](PDFTron Systems Inc. | Documentation

See the WebViewer Server guides here:
WVS Deployment Guide

You can also visit our DockerHub repository directly:
WV Loadbalancer DockerHub
WebViewer Server DockerHub

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