What is the difference between Obj.FindObj(), Obj.Get, and Obj.Find()?

Q. Is there any reason not to use the new Obj.FindObj() instead of the
existing Obj.Find/Get() functions? In many cases in our code it seems
easier to return the desired Obj directly with FindObj() rather than
returning a DictIterator with Find/Get() and then getting the Obj from
that. Are there any performance considerations here?
A: There are no big performance considerations. Get() is similar to
FindObj() except that it throws an exception if the object is not
found. This could make your code shorter if you are retrieving a
sequence of objects which must be present (e.g. according to spec).

Obj.Find() returns a DictIterator instead of Obj. This method may be
useful when you are iterating through a dictionary, comparing iterator
values, etc.