What is the maximum time PDFTRON sdk running, and About signature


I want to use pdftron sdk in my application.
I have some queries.

If I want to parsing a 100pages pdf file and adding stamps, signatures, watermarks on it how much time PDFTRON took?
What is best way to approach in this type of scenarios? (By using pageIterators or any another solutions?)

How can i create pfx file for my signature module?
My way of approaching signature tool is

  • Adding annotation based on co-ordinates of a pdf page
  • Adding certification to that annotation box.

What is the best way to do this?

Please respond as soon as possible

Hi Praveen,

The time taken to process a document will depend on your use case and how many pages there are in the document. As such, it is difficult for us to provide an exact answer on how long these operations will take. That being said, these tasks should be relatively quick with our SDK.

You can take a look at the stamper sample and annotation sample to get started with this scenario, as it shows how to use the pageiterator class to go through pages.

Typically, the digital signature step is done last, so your approach should work. For more information on certificates and the workflow, please take a look at the Digital Signature guide.