Where is PDF::PDFViewCtrl.h?

Product: PDFTron SDK for C++

Product Version: for x64 Windows

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It seems like the c++ SDK does not have this PDF::PDFViewCtrl.h (header file) and possibly the support for this PDFViewCtrl. Do you know where I can download this?
(Sample code from PDFTron Systems Inc. | Documentation)
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The C++ PDFViewCtrl viewer is available in this download.


Note that this viewer is our least customizable viewer (e.g. all strings are hard coded) and we recommend instead using our WPF based PDFViewWPF viewer, or possibly even our HTML5 WebViewer viewer, as the UI/UX for these are provided with the SDK and are fully customizable.

Hi Ryan,

Thanks for your reply.

It looks like the sample project (PDFViewSimpleTestVC2015) that you sent contains 32bit only. Does the dll works on 64 bit?

Before I read your email, I tried to use the PDFViewCtrl.h from the 9.4.2 version. The sample (PDFViewSimpleTest) is working. When I tried to use it in my testing code (for prototype purpose), I do not see the pdf document being loaded into the CDialog that I created to hold the PDFViewCtrl. Only a very small grey icon shows up at the top left corner of the CDialog (Not sure if the small grey icon is the PDFViewCtrl or the loaded PDF docment?). I also tried to call SetPageViewMode() but did not work (it behaved the same - still a small grey icon on top left of the CDialog). Am I missing something? I appreciate if you can provide some hints.

CDialog* dlg = new CDialog();
LPCTSTR lpsz = _T(“Report”);
dlg->Create(IDD_REPORT, CWnd::FromHandle(AfxGetApp()->m_pMainWnd->GetSafeHwnd()));
hWnd = dlg->GetSafeHwnd();
if (!hWnd)
CWnd* pWnd = CWnd::FromHandle(hWnd);
if (pWnd)
std::auto_ptrPDF::PDFViewCtrl view = std::auto_ptrPDF::PDFViewCtrl(new PDF::PDFViewCtrl(hWnd, AfxGetApp()->m_hInstance));
std::auto_ptr doc2(new PDFDoc(“E:\table_01.pdf”));

Thank you!

Hi Ryan,

Please ignore my second question regarding to the code. I got the viewer code working now.

Does PDFNetC.dll contains the Viewer support or is it a separate dll?


the PDFNetC.dll that comes with that viewer package contains the PDFViewCtrl class yes.

Great, thanks for the information.