Where is the PDFTron SDK HTML reflow paragraphs module?

I am trying out the PDF to HTML samples and I would like to see how the reflow module works, but I cannot seem to find anything about this. I am likely being stupid and it’s obvious to people who were actually loved and cared for by their mother as a child, but I cannot find any references to it outside of that error message. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Hello, I’m Ron, an automated tech support bot :robot:

While you wait for one of our customer support representatives to get back to you, please check out some of these documentation pages:


Thank you reaching out to us. The team is still doing some final packaging for this new feature, but to get started you can download Linux and Windows modules here.


Your code would be something like the following.

PDFDoc pdfdoc = new PDFDoc(input_path + "newsletter.pdf");
var htmloutputoptions = new pdftron.PDF.Convert.HTMLOutputOptions();
pdftron.PDF.Convert.ToHtml(pdfdoc, "output.html", htmloutputoptions);

Let me know how this works for you.