Which kind of error triggers the onError callback from textSearchInit method

WebViewer Version: 8.12

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I wanna know which error triggers the onError callback

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Using the documentation implement a logic to generate a text search in a document, that shows each of the matches and that the searched text is highlighted. Using the method textSearchInit I pass as arguments the necessary callbacks (as shown in the documentation) including onError. I am doing a state handling when each of these callbacks is fired. The only one that is not working is the onError one, that state is never presented. My question is, when no matches of the searched word are found within the text is considered as an error? or the onError callback is executed for other reasons?
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Hello Emiliano,

Thank you for contacting WebViewer support.
The onError callback is called when the search fails or the regex has a syntax error.
No match with the searched word is not going to execute onError.

Dandara Navarro

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