Why does docpub create subdirectories in the output directory?

I have some PDF files in my “input” directory, which I want to convert using docpub and place in my “output” directory. But when I run “docpub -f xod input -o output” I see my converted xod files in “output\input” instead of just “output”. How can I change this?


The reason docpub creates subdirectories when converting a directory is to maintain the existing directory structure of the input. For example, if you also had “input/a” and “input/b” directories, docpub would create “output/input/a” and “output/input/b”. Additionally, if you passed multiple input directories (“docpub -f xod input input2 -o output”) it would create subdirectories for each input directory passed in (“output/input” and “ouput/input2”).

If you’re certain that “input” only contains documents and no subdirectories, you could change your batch file to move the output documents up a level:

copy output\input*.xod output
del output\input*.xod
rmdir output\input