Why is CMAKE giving an error about PHP headers not found when building the wrappers?



I was trying to build the wrappers. I had an error saying it was trying to find PHP header files. Where are those?


It sounds like CMake was having trouble finding the PHP include directories and library. You can set those manually in the PDFNetPHP/CMakeLists.txt file (prior to line 11, where it checks for these values).

PHP_INCLUDE_DIRS is the directory where the PHP source is located, i.e. “C:/php-5.4”:
set(PHP_INCLUDE_DIRS “C:/php-5.4”)

PHP_LIBRARY is the path where the php5ts.lib is located — this file is usually located in dev directory from the binary PHP installation, i.e. “C:/php/dev/php5ts.lib”:
set(PHP_LIBRARY “c:/php/dev/php5ts.lib”)