Why is my Processed PDFs Un Croped?

Hi Guys,
I have been trying to process links in a pdf using pdfNet SDK. I was successfull with the processing of the links. But i am having trouble with cropped PDFs. if i processed cropped PDFs. The result is un-cropped pdf. I even tried it with out the processes i have worked on but i am with out luck.

I tried new_page.SetCropBox(itr.Current().GetCropBox());
but the result is a page that is shifted up. Is there any way i could crop the documents back to their correct position?

You may want to call 'new_page.SetCropBox(pg.GetCropBox())' latter on
in your code (for example just before the page is inserted in the
document sequence).

This should fix the content shifting problem which can occur if is the
crop box is set before the content is copiend to a new page.