Why is new PDFNet DLL larger than before? Why is 'pdfnet.res' not included in v4.5?

Q: I noticed that the file size of PDFNET.DLL in version 4.5 (9.1MB)
is much larger than the one from the previous version 4.09 (5.62 MB).

I know that the new version has lots of new functionality, but this
can't explain this increase in file size. Am I missing anything here?
A: In PDFNet v4.5 - 'pdfnet.res' and other supporting data files
(~2.6MB) were merged with PDFNet.DLL. As a result there is no need to
distribute pdfnet.res or to call PDFNet.SetResourcePath(). As a result
the 'total' file size of the redistributable component didn't change.
Having everything is a single DLL/shared library should simplify your
application deployment and PDFNet setup. For applications that need a
very slim component PDFTron still offers a limited version of the
library with all resources stripped away (the total size of DLL is