Why is rendering incorrect when using the mobile SDKs?


I’m rendering a document on a mobile platform, but no text is showing up. What’s going on?


It appears that you may not have set up your pdfnet.res file correctly.

For Android, the following blog post contains more information about setting up this file correctly:

Specifically, please make sure to place pdfnet.res in the appropriate folder (i.e. res/raw on Android) and call PDFNet.initialize in the suggested manner:

PDFNet.initialize(this, R.raw.pdfnet);

Similarly, you can find advice for installing pdfnet.res in the app bundle at:


pdfnet.res contains standard PDF resources, such as certain fonts and font information, that are required to correctly render some PDFs. This information used to be included directly in the library, however this resulted in the resources being duplicated for each architecture (e.g. once each for amv7, armv7s, arm64). By externalizing the resource file it allows the app to contain one copy that is used for all architectures, reducing the size of the final app.