will PDFTron Findtext work with any pdf document

please i am trying to implement findtext in xamarin android and it seems to work for documents with few pages (though its not consistent) than a document with many pages.

does a pdf document have to be a searchable pdf before pdftron can search it.
cos thats just the only reason i can think off now that will make it work in some documents and not work in others

please help

No, PDFNet can do text search on any PDF. Though not all PDF files actually contain any textual information (e.g. when they come from a scan).

For the problem files, what happens if you open in another PDF viewer, and try to copy/paste the text from the PDF and paste into a text editor?

If nothing shows up then there is no text in the PDF. Otherwise, email or post the files for us to look at

i have tried the test and i am able to paste it into a text editor

from the flow of things the error normally occurs when this event fires

void mPdfViewCtrl_TextSearchEnded(object sender, PDFViewCtrl.TextSearchEndedEventArgs e)
// Toast.MakeText(this.Activity, "search ended " + e.Result.ToString(), ToastLength.Long).Show();

Are you able to reproduce the issue in our sample SDK project? Or does this only happen in your own project.

If you can reproduce in our sample project, please send us any modified code, and the exact steps to reproduce, and what you expected to happen.


it was actually the sample app i modified in my own app. though i noticed that when a document has more than 40 pages the document will produce blank pages even after the toast message in ur sample app has indicated that download complete sometimes it takes moving from one page to another to get the content text to show up in the pdfviewer. sometime it has to be saved locally and reopened for it to be displayed. i have attached the xamarin android fragment class where i am experiencing this problem. i am using mvvm light to pass viewmodels into the fragment

PDFViewerFragment.cs (20 KB)

i have attached the fragment file

PDFViewerFragment.cs (20 KB)

Sorry, are you still experiencing an issue? Or the issue is in your project, and you have resolved it?


yes i am still experiencing the issue