WinRT PDFViewCtrlTools custom appearance

Hi there.
My name is Alexander and I develop an Windows 8.1 Store app, which is designed to create and edit PDF documents.
I have downloaded and examined the WinRT PDFViewCtrlTools sample. It works perfectly. But I can't find a style definitions for some controls on top of PDFViewCtrl, e.g. the control which is enabled when you click the Line annotation (there is two big dots and line between them, so I can drag that dots and the position of line will be changed). I want to change the appearance of that dots to mine. Where your Style-based design is located? Or how can I change that design?

Hi Alexander,

Unfortunately, the styles for the tools are spread out in the Tools source code. So, in this case, the style is actually in the AnnotEdit.cs file. mCtrlPointBorderBrush and mCtrlPointFillBrush, for example.
Every tool is created through the ToolManager, so if you keep an eye on which is the current tool, when you see something you want to re-shape, you can check which the current tool is and it will be either in there or in a subclass.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Best Regards,
Tomas Hofmann