Word (doc, docx), Excel , Powerpoint to Pdf

Q: Word (doc, docx), Excel , Powerpoint to Pdf

Q: Sorry, I would like to know if I can we use PDFNet SDK to convert
from MS Office file types to pdf? If yes, can you provide a sample
code for that.
A: You may want to take a look at Convert sample project (http://
www.pdftron.com/pdfnet/samplecode.html#Convert). This sample is using
PDF/XPS/SVG Convert-Add on for PDFNet that can perform direct,
indirect/interop, and virtual printer driver conversion from a wide
range of file formats.

In case MS Office 2007/2010 is installed on the system and will
perform direct conversion via interrop. In case MS Office is not
installed you would some other application (such as Open Office etc)
that can print office files. In the latter case the conversion will be
done via a virtual printer driver.