Working with coldfusion

Good morning
I am trying to convert a word document through coldfusion and pdftron
sdk. I can use the pdftron.PDF.Convert class with (cfobject) of
coldfusion but i can't use the PDFDoc class at all.
Have you any sugestions about this ?
Thanks in advance

What version of PDFNet are you using. It seems that ColdFusion has a
number of compatibility issues when it comes to interop with .NET
components. In this case you may be better off with JAVA or C/C++

2 weeks ago we downloaded from the trial section the C/C++/JAVA SDK for 32 bit windows, i placed the .jar file into the lib folder of coldfusion and i can access to the methods of the PDFNet.jar file like pdftron.PDF.Convert but, from coldfusion i can’t get the entire access for declare variables like PDFDoc that is necesary for hold the pdf converted file.
Am i doing something wrong?, is possible to achieve this using coldfusion?

Thanks in advance

2010/7/13 Support <>