Xamarin API Documentation?

I see documentation listed for Android, iOS, UWP, .NET, Java, and C/C++, however I don’t see any documentation for Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android. Are those two available anywhere?


The reason I ask is because there seem to be differences between the Xamarin.iOS and iOS APIs. For example, in iOS I can set the multistrokeMode property of a FreeHandCreate object, but that property is not exposed in Xamarin.iOS it seems.


FreeHandCreate *fhc = (FreeHandCreate *)[_toolManager changeTool:[FreeHandCreate class]]; fhc.multistrokeMode = YES;


FreeHandCreate fhc = (FreeHandCreate)_toolManager.ChangeTool(typeof(FreeHandCreate)); fhc.multistrokeMode = true; // this does not exist

This API is not added yet. However the source code is provided and all SDK users can edit it.

We will also add this in our next update as well.


  1. Go to ApiDefinition.cs file in the Tools binding project
  2. Look for FreeHandCreate
  3. Add multistrokeMode getter setter

[BaseType(typeof(CreateToolBase))] public partial interface FreeHandCreate { [Export("multistrokeMode")] bool MultistrokeMode { get; set; } }

This will add the API to the FreeHandCreate class.

Thanks for your timely response, Ryan!

Updating the ApiDefinition.cs file did the trick. I will keep an eye out for the next update.