Xamarin IOS customize tools to hide page number


I have a xamarin ios app that has pdfnet for displaying pdfs. Currently i use out of box pdfnetios.sll and tools.dll. However, I would like to customize a few things ( hiding the page number in pdfviewctrl ) and have created a libtools.a by doing so. But I am unable to proceed further with using this bindinbg in our project when i follow the insytructions here https://blog.pdftron.com/2014/01/24/getting-started-with-xamarin-ios/. This link seems to be old.

Could you help me how i can customize tools and integrate in my app.


Hello Srini,

Thanks for contacting us.

To remove the built-in page number indicator, see:

As for the binding part, are you using the binding project we provided in the download package? (in samples\PDFNetiOSXamarinSample\Tools folder)
If so, the binding has not changed recently, you can simply replace your libTools.a with the package version (in lib\ios\Native folder).

Then building the binding project should produce a Tools.dll that you can use in your app.

If any of the step above is blocking you, could we get the exact details for the problem? Compiling error? Missing certain files?
Any details will allow us to better assist you.

Please let me know if this works for you, and if you have any further questions.


Renchen Sun
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