Xamarin.iOS - Out of memory when trying to push ViewController with NavigationController


I am using PDFViewCtrl in a ViewController. A NavigationController is used to push the ViewController when user selects a file.
However, I am running into out of memory issues. Is there a memory leak?


From Xamarin Support team:
An increase of memory is normal and does not imply a leak. In this case you just do not control the lifetime of the instances, nor do you control when the GC is executed. In other words the memory will be freed when the GC eventually runs.

Our recommended solution:
Reusing the ViewController is likely the best solution here as you are not instantiating a new object every time and is therefore very memory efficient.

Both the ViewController and PDFViewCtrl can be reused. When a new file is selected, you will only need to create a new PDFDoc and use this as the new PDFDoc for PDFViewCtrl.