'XML Parsing error' exception thrown on CreateFromXFDF when pdf has form with any value entered

Hi there,

I am saving annotations separately in an XFDF file. Each time a PDF is opened I extract the FDF from the XFDF file and merge it with FDFMerge.

Below is my method for opening or creating the XFDF:

-(void)openAnnotations:(NSString*)fullPath {
    if ([[NSFileManager defaultManager] fileExistsAtPath:fullPath])
        [_pdfDoc InitSecurityHandler];
        FDFDoc *fdfDoc = [FDFDoc CreateFromXFDF:fullPath];
            // merge in the annotations
            [_pdfDoc FDFMerge:fdfDoc];
        [_pdfDoc InitSecurityHandler];
        FDFDoc *fdfDoc = [_pdfDoc FDFExtract: e_annots_only];
            [fdfDoc SaveAsXFDF:_annotationFilePath];

This is my method to save the annotations:

-(BOOL)saveAnnotations {
    if (!_readOnly){
        FDFDoc *doc_annots = [_pdfDoc FDFExtract: e_annots_only];
        [doc_annots SaveAsXFDF:_annotationFilePath];
        return YES;
    } else {
        return NO;

The problem I am experiencing is that when I open a PDF with form fields, that has any single/multiple values already populated (with <value>********</value> in the XFDF, when I try to CreateFromXFDF to merge it back into the PDF for display, I get an exception:

*** Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'PDFNet Exception', reason: 'XML Parsing error'

I have tried e_both, and still get the same exception.

I am not really interested in the form fields or values, and only really care about annotations.

Thank you!

Hello Morne,

Based on the error it sound like the error is with with the PDF and/or the XFDF file. Could you forward both to support@pdftron.com so that we could take a closer look? Thank you for your help.