XODOutputOptions::E_external_xfdf output option producing illegible file

I’m trying to put xfdf in an external file ONLY for use with the webviewer, but setting XODOutputOptions::E_external_xfdf in XODOutputOptions produces an XOD file that the webviewer won’t render. it just shows a blank viewer pane, with no content, and no errors. What gives?

Hello Aleks,

Could you forward a copy of the XOD and XFDF output you’re getting, along with a code sample showing how you’re generating the files? Also, how are you loading each of these files in WebViewer?

Feel free to forward these code samples and/or XOD/XFDF/PDF documents to support at pdftron. Thank you.

Hey Aaron,

interestingly I found this issue was confined to the mobile version of the webviewer. We’re still running v 1.7.1. To reproduce, just delete Annots.xfdf from the xod archive. Currently working around the issue by reaching into the generated XOD file and removing all children nodes of in the xfdf file.