Zoomed pdf state doesnt fit signature tag created.


How do I detect if pdf is zoomed?

I’m asking because, I create a signature tag before I pop up the signatureView to sign and paste my signature on the pdf based on the tag I create before…its working well until i zoom my pdf, the the signature becomes bigger that my signature tag Ive created. Please see screen shoots attached.

Unzoomed state - signature is perfectly inserted in the signature tag created.
Zoomed state - signature is bigger than the signature tag selected.

Thank you.

Normal unzoomed state.PNG

Signature tag.PNG

Zoomed state.PNG

The issue looks more like that the annotation (Widget in this case) selection tool (the blue square with 5 blue circles) is not scaling.

In the “Normal unzoomed” image, the annotation goes from the “Google Drive” to “Dropbox” icons, but on your zoomed in ones, the rectangle is about half as wide.

The actual signature (the green ink) is the correct size in all images, it should not change size when you zoom in/out. You can see that in both images, the top is just below “Google Mail” and the bottom is over “SELECT”.

I would check what the behaviour is for our iOS PDFViewCtrl sample, and if/how it supports zooming while you have an annotation selected or are creating an annotation.

If this is a new feature you are adding, then you will need to update your “tag” when a zoom even occurs, which there would be a way for you to register for.

Hi Ryan,

I managed to get close to what I wanted to achieve but not 100%,

I’ve used [m_pdfViewCtrl GetZoom] to size get x, y, w, h for my signature - base on [m_pdfViewCtrl GetZoom] , Ill increase the size or reduce the starting points of my signature tag - its not 100% accurate but its much better than before…

Try to see what happens if you sign in zoomed state and also in unzoomed state and see it your signature gets correct size and position.

Thank you.

Sorry, I’m not sure what you are asking of us.

If you are stuck, please provide the following information

  1. What are you trying to accomplish
  2. Input file(s)
  3. Output file(s)
  4. Code used to generate output file(s)
  5. What you expected to get (screen shots help).

If you don’t want to post this info to the forum, you can send it directly to support at pdftron.com.