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Bookmark/outline not navigating to correct page number

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when I open the following pdf file in webviewer
it displays all bookmarks,
third bookmark is not navigating to the correct page 4 , it is navigating to 5th page.
this issue occurs when we set layoutmode is continuous (instance.UI.setLayoutMode(instance.UI.LayoutMode.Continuous);

if we set SIngle layout mode, it is working as expected
sample test.pdf (3.0 MB)

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Hi there,

Thank you for contacting WebViewer forums,

Looking at the provided PDF, it looks like clicking on the ‘second file’ outline goes to page 5 on WebViewer when it should be going to page 4.

We are adding this issue for the product team to evaluate. When this gets fixed, it will be noted in our change logs, please keep an eye out for when it will be fixed here:

Best regards,
Kevin Kim

Hi there,

Just to provide an update to this,

It looks like this was happening due to an internal rotation of the document on Page 4 to be set to 270. If you reset this to 0, it will work as expected:

Best regards,
Kevin Kim